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#7 Patio Market,

206 1/2 San Felipe Rd.

Old Town, Albuquerque, NM  87104  

winter hours        
Open Daily 11am - 5pm        Open til 8:30pm for the Artscrawl and First Friday events.

                                                 (505) 717-1872

Happy New Year !

Welcome to our gallery in old town.We are getting new reports that old town is on the up swing and more tourists are headed our way.A couple of big conventions are sechuled for February and March of 2010. With  the Lobos doing so well in Men basketball, Albuquerque is getting alot of positive coverage in the national spotlight. Our attempt to promote local new Mexico artists is still our number one priority. We hope the exposure we give to the artists will help them to advance in their art careers. We know that because of the amount of action at the Easel Place many of the people in the art business are coming by to visit on a monthly bases. Some are gallery owners looking for new and fresh artists. Others just come to buy work straight out. Hopeful the longer we are here the better we get. 

In addition to our established " Featured Artist of the Month" program, The Easel Place will start off  2010, with new group exhibits. These exhibits will give us a chance to exhibit eight deferent artists per month. During the exhibit,the participating artists will have access to an easel, a small cabinet and enough exhibit space for five pieces of original art, a few prints and some notecards. The artists will be encouraged to attend the first Friday festivities and showcase their talents with live demonstrations. We also encourage the participating artist to come in and demonstrate their talents anytime during the month. The customers do like to talk and buy direct from the artists.  

                The artist always ask---- " How much money do you want from me?"

We will be collecting an entry fee of $90 up front. At the end of your exhibiton, a 30% sales commission will be collected on any of your work sold thru the gallery. If you happen to be here and you sell your work, then you keep the 30% commission on your sale. 

If you are an artist and live in New Mexico, call us at 505  717-1872 make an appt. to come in and see our exhibit space. Bring with you some kind of profolio .

Rafael  &  Lori Gonzales            Jim & Teresa  Blackwell

                               Edee G & Family

We feature about 20 pieces of original artwork, for a local artist every month  We have the artist's opening reception on the first Friday of the month with food and entertainment.

            Jim Anderson         Artist

In addition to the artist of the month program, we have a designated area for our monthly group exhibits. All eight participating artists for that particular month will come demonstrate their talents and deal direct with the public.

       Artists selling and demonstrating during an artscrawl event.

            Joso  & Rose   

This jewelry is made of  "Mother of Pearl" natural shell.  Each piece is hand painted by the artist with a special formulated non toxic, very colorful paint. This light weight jewelry is made to last for a long time with the proper care. 

Come in and buy something for your  sweetheart. They are selling fast!